Below are some Classic Traveller characters who might be found on Dostoevsky. They also are suitable for use as pregenerated PCs.

Ralvonse of Torrence        UPP 7A6856
Human, age 30. Black market fence.
AutoPistol-1, Brawling-1, Bribery-1, Cutlass-1, Electronics-1, Forgery-1, Gambling-1, Jack-of-All-Trades-1, Mechanical-1, Streetwise-1
Speaks Galanglic.
Possessions: Rifle, blade, Cr 1k on hand (worth Cr 10k)
Personality: Made irritable by a ceaseless, incurable migraine. Prefers to keep names and contacts separate; if they talked, he would be out of business.

  • Ralvonse has a dingy room in Wintermere with a secret closet (his smuggler's hideout). One of his contacts is Vrk Wullack, the Vargr proprietor of a starport bar called Food Drink Grls that he likes to use as a dead drop for information and contraband, because the starport is outside the jurisdiction of local law enforcement and the fewer people who know where he lives, the better.
  • Ralvonse occasionally uses a swordworlder named Arness MacKaig as part of his black market network to get items on and off-world discretely. Arness is a loadmaster aboard the GeDCo far trader Tova Jerome.
  • Ralvonse owes Cr100,000 to Kizyl Karsdin of the Kizakhistani mafia. He's been dodging goons for a few weeks now while looking for an opportunity to repay his debt.

Inspector Ward Vamendar    UPP 786759
Human, age 32. Special investigator for Pteragreb Civil Police.
Administration-1, Air/Raft-1, Brawling-1, Computer-1, Leader-1, Revolver-1, Rifle-1, SMG-1, Tactics-1
Speaks Galanglic.
Possessions: Auto rifle w/electronic sights, revolver, baton, personal comm, Low Passage, Middle Passage, Cr 2500 on hand (worth Cr 25k).
Personality: Impersonal and business-like.
  • Ward previously served 2 terms in the Yazander army (discharged at the rank of Captain).
  • Ward reports to Chief Administrator Michof Jarrell, a vastly ineffectual bureaucrat working for the Oligarchs.
  • Ward handles homicide cases and is called to investigate any murder that occurs in Yazand.
  • Ward recently arrested Kizyl Karsdin, a high-ranking Kizakhistani mafioso, on murder and conspiracy.
  • Ward knows that both the DOS/D Starport and the Imperial Research Station are out of his jurisdiction.
  • When serious trouble arises, Ward can call in backup in the form of up to three loyal uniformed Pteragreb policemen.
  • Lately Ward has begun to notice movement beneath others' flesh.

Alion Nolrante        UPP 476898
Human, age 26. Graduate student newly arrived on Dostoevsky to work an internship at the research station.
Adminstration-2, Air/Raft-1, Brawling-1, Bribery-1, Computer-3, Dagger-1, Electronics-1, Medical-1
Speaks Galanglic.
Possessions: Blade, personal comm, Cr 2100 on hand (worth Cr 21k)
Personality: Uncertain and inexperienced, Alion treads carefully in new environments.
  • Alion may or may not be an untested psion with powerful telekinetic powers. (The Referee may either decide based on the story or use the usual rules on psionic testing.)
  • Ever since arriving on Dostoevsky, Alion began to experience vivid dreams of a very violent nature.

Jharmyrk Ahr'malkin        UPP 97B744
Aslani, age 34. Owner of Aquaculture Pad 17.
Administration-1, Blade-1, Brawling-1, Cutlass-1, Leader-1, Small Watercraft-1, Submersible-1, Survival-2, Tactics-1
Speaks Galanglic and Trokh (Aslani).
Possessions: Rifle, cutlass, High Passage, Cr 3600 on hand (worth Cr 18k)
Personality: Highly territorial in nature, especially in regard to preserving Pad 17's access to the bounty of the Wan Sea. Lately Jharmyrk has become even more paranoid than usual, suspecting everyone of working toward some end that runs counter to his own plans.
  • Jharmyrk previously served 2 terms in the marines of the Glorious Empire (to the rank of Sergeant). He may or may not be a sleeper agent for the Glorious Empire on Dostoevsky, judging the suitability of the planet for future conquest.
  • As owner of Pad 17, Jharmyrk has a TL9 steamship and eight pad farmers under his command.
Yuldor Loytni        UPP 956895
Droyne, age 30. Zealot on a pilgrimage to visit Ancients sites.
Administration-1, Air/Raft-1, Brawling-1, Carbine-1, Medical-3, Navigation-1, ShipsBoat-1, Streetwise-1, VaccSuit-1
Speaks Galanglic and Oynprith (Droyne)
Possessions: Laser rifle, battery pack, blade, Droyne armored vacc suit (as combat armor), Middle Passage, Cr 10k on hand
Personality: Violently opposed to anyone tampering with or restricting access to Ancients sites.

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