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Dostoevsky (0308) B676673-A. Dostoevsky is a medium-sized habitable planet (9,600 km diameter) in the Dpres subsector [map] of the Trojan Reaches. It orbits a class F4 D star. The system contains no gas giants and two asteroid belts.

The surface of the planet is 79% water. Four land masses are covered in varying amounts of glaciation. The equatorial mean temperature of -15 degrees Celsius and an oxygen-rich atmosphere force residents to wear cold weather gear and filter masks while outside of environmentally controlled structures.

The planet's population of 2 million is distributed between three governments. The most populous of these is the Oligarchy of Yazand (cap: Pteragreb), a state with relatively high technology and friendly to Imperial interests. It is the location of an Imperial research station investigating an underwater Ancient site. The starport (reference code DOS/D) at Pteragreb is of good quality, with small craft shipyard capability, complete overhaul facilities, and refined fuel available. A geosynchronous signal station hovers above.

In general, the law level on the planet is low. Non-military personal firearms are permitted to citizens. Portable energy weapons, explosive, and poisons are regulated. Occasional conflicts break out between the governments.

The planet is agriculturally self-sustaining thanks to numerous Thalassan-made floating aquaculture farms, but must import most manufactured goods.

[For an alternate interpretation of Dostoevsky, visit http://www.tactics-0.org/Tactics-0/2004/dostoevskyCampaignBriefing.pdf.]

Nearby Worlds of Note:
  • Caldos/Dpres (0507) B630879-6, 2 parsecs away, is a populous but low-tech world without oceans. It is non-aligned. The system contains a gas giant for refueling.
  • 291-540/Dpres (0206) CABA000-0, 2 parsecs away to spinward, is a Red Zone system. The world is completely covered in a corrosive sea of nitric acid. The class C starport there is an automated orbital facility built by the Imperium as a link on the trade route to the Florian League. A gas giant is available for refueling.
  • Asyuh/Goertel (0301) B8C32N5-9, 3 parsecs away, is the location of an outpost of the Glorious Empire, an independent and somewhat militant Aslani interplanetary government rated as an Amber Zone by the Travellers Aid Society. The planet is otherwise unremarkable.
  • Sagan/Dpres (0607) C796453-8, 3 parsecs away, has a small colony allied with the Third Imperium that serves the trade route to the Florian League. Liquid water is present, as well as a gas giant for refueling.
  • Dpres/Dpres (0105) B631689-A, 4 parsecs away to spinward, was the first human-colonized world in the subsector. It's government is an Imperial client state, and it is the site of an Imperial naval base. Liquid water is present, as is a gas giant for refueling.
  • Forandin/Yggdrasil (0706) BA89646-9, 4 parsecs away, is the nearest world of the Florian League, an interplanetary government led by randomly selected leaders through a lottery system. Forandin is almost entirely covered in water. The Florians have a military base here. A gas giant is available for refueling.
  • Gabriel/Dpres (0304) C210100-B, 4 parsecs away, was the site of an Imperial research station prior to its relocation to Dostoevsky [Third Imperium fanzine, issue 7].

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