Encounters in the Wan Sea

Here are some denizens of Dostoevsky suitable for use with Classic Traveller rules.

enormous ocean-going grazer

Weight 24 metric tons, unarmored
Attack on 8+, flee on 2+, Speed 24, HP 51, Teeth 6D
Notes: Bandonsaurs appear as huge eels with distended jaws. They travel the Wan Sea in schools of 6-12, scooping their way through massive fields of giant jellyfish. Sometimes they mistake small aquatic vehicles (especially bathyspheres) for food, as they are about the same size and shape as their usual prey.
man-sized tundra-dwelling carnivore
Weight 400kg, unarmored
Attack on 6+, flee on 5+, Speed 8,
HP 22, Bite 4D
Notes: Kuposarun are man-size ape-like creatures with thick coats of shaggy white fur native to the wilds of Kizakhistan. Instead of having a mouth in the place one would expect, theirs are located in their chests, and their typical hunting tactic is to grapple and hold a target using all of their limbs, then chew through hide, clothing, and armor while their victim is held immobile. Kuposarun are sometimes captured by the Kizakhistanis and held in dual-compartment cages; if desperate measures are called for, a Kizakhistani will released a captive Kuposarun from one side of the cage while taking refuge from the rampaging beast in the other side. 

psionic-using sea-cave-dwelling siren
Weight 400kg, unarmored
Attack if prey comes within range, flee* on 6+, HP 19, Teeth 4D
Scuradon have evolved in the presence of the Crystalline Vortex, developing psionic powers as a result. When prey comes within medium range of an awaiting scuradon, this bottom-dwelling aquatic centipede uses its telepathy to mind-read the target (it must throw above the target's INT to succeed), then uses psionic camouflage to make the target see a member of its own race. Then it simply tries to lure the target toward its sea cave using simple rhythmic motion, which may appear to the observer as waving or struggling. If attacked, the scuradon will attempt to use its psionic camouflage power to make its attacker see surrounding rocks (thus effectively disappearing), instead of actually fleeing trouble, since it is very slow moving. 

small psionic-using deep sea eater
Weight 12kg, armor as jack
Attack on 5+, flee on 9+, Speed 8, HP 11, Claws 1D
Notes: Thulltak look like weird little shrimp. They have dwelt in the deepest recesses of the Wan Sea for millennia, slowly evolving psionic powers under the influence of the Crystalline Vortex. Each round that a creature spends within close range of one or more Thulltaks, it must throw 8+ (using INT as a modifier) or become weakened (as per the combat rules). Every 10 Thulltaks present add -1 DM to the roll.

Below are traditional encounter tables for the Wan Sea.

TERRAIN: Shallows                                           Dostoevsky B676673-A
Die Animal                Weight   Hits  Armor      Wounds & Weapons      Action
  2  3 Reducer            1600kg  29/10  jack       4 hooves, teeth       A7F5S1
  3  3 Eater               100kg   21/7  none         claws               A1F8S1
  4  6 Intimidator        1600kg  34/14  none       4 horns, teeth        A5F7S1
  5  3 Hunter              400kg  22/13  none       2 thrasher            A6F5S1
  6  2 Grazer             1600kg  27/12  none       4 horns               A4F4S4
  7 11 Grazer              200kg  22/10  jack       1 thrasher            A4F5S2
  8  1 Grazer              800kg   25/7  jack       3 teeth               A7F5S3
  9  1 Killer              400kg  22/11  none       2 claws, teeth        A2F4S3
 10  Special event to be administered by the referee.
 11  1 Killer             3200kg  25/11  jack       5 stinger             A3F9S3
 12  1 Killer             3200kg  36/12  jack       5 stinger             A2F6S2

TERRAIN: Depths                                             Dostoevsky B676673-A
Die Animal                Weight   Hits  Armor      Wounds & Weapons      Action
  2  1 Reducer             100kg   21/7  none         claws, teeth        A8F6S1
  3  1 Gatherer            200kg  21/14  jack       1 stinger             A7F4S1
  4  1 Hijacker            400kg  24/14  jack       2 hooves, teeth       A4F4S1
  5  5 Hunter             3200kg  30/18  none       5 claws +1            A2F6S1
  6  1 Grazer              800kg  27/13  none       3 thrasher            A7F1S3
  7  1 Grazer              200kg  19/12  none       1 horns, teeth        A7F3S2
  8  9 Grazer            24000kg  51/23  none      x3 teeth               A8F2S4
  9  1 Chaser              800kg  21/12  jack       3 claws +1, teeth +1  A0F6S3
 10  Special event to be administered by the referee.
 11  5 Chaser              100kg  18/11  none         claws +1, teeth +1  A0F5S2
 12 11 Chaser              400kg  23/10  none       2 as blade            A0F6S2

TERRAIN: Seacave                                            Dostoevsky B676673-A
Die Animal                Weight   Hits  Armor      Wounds & Weapons      Action
  2  5 Carrion-eater       100kg   16/9  none         teeth               A9F3S3
  3  3 Eater               400kg   18/9  none       2 claws               A3F9S1
  4  5 Carrion-eater        50kg  15/11  none         hooves              A5F7S1
  5  1 Gatherer            800kg   9/12  jack       3 claws               A4F4S1
  6  1 Filter               25kg    9/7  none         thrasher            A0F6S0
  7  5 Intermittent         25kg   12/7  jack         hooves, horns       A9F7S1
  8  1 Intermittent        100kg  26/10  none         hooves, horns       A6F5S1
  9  1 Pouncer             200kg  17/16  jack       1 claws +1, teeth +1  A0F0S1
 10  Special event to be administered by the referee.
 11  1 Pouncer             800kg   19/9  none       3 claws, teeth        A0F0S1
 12  8 Chaser              400kg   24/9  none       2 teeth +1            A0F5S2

TERRAIN: Bottom                                             Dostoevsky B676673-A
Die Animal                Weight   Hits  Armor      Wounds & Weapons      Action
  2  3 Reducer             100kg   25/6  none         claws               A9F4S1
  3  1 Gatherer             25kg   12/7  none         claws, teeth        A8F4S3
  4  7 Carrion-eater        25kg   14/4  none         teeth               A7F5S1
  5  5 Eater                12kg   11/4  jack         claws               A5F9S1
  6  1 Intermittent       1600kg   26/8  none       4 claws, teeth        A5F7S1
  7  4 Intermittent        100kg   17/5  mesh +1      hooves, teeth       A9F7S1
  8  5 Intermittent        200kg   20/7  jack       1 hooves              A6F4S1
  9  1 Trapper             800kg  25/12  jack       3 teeth +1            A0F7S0
 10  Special event to be administered by the referee.
 11  1 Pouncer             200kg   13/8  none       1 claws, teeth        A0F0S1
 12  1 Siren               400kg  19/14  none       2 teeth +1            A0F6S0

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