The Wan Sea

Unlabelled map of the Wan Sea
The Wan Sea is a forbidding expanse of murky water that forms the northwestern arm of Dostoevsky's largest ocean. On it float a couple dozen aquaculture pads ("lilypads" to locals), which are large, floating sea-farms that produce most of the nourishment for the planet's residents.

Most surface transport is by powered watercraft of various sizes. Knowledgeable sailors turn on their low-rad emitter to deter predators.


W1. Ox Rift is an 18km-long gash in the sea floor that constantly emits a curtain of very large oxygen bubbles that slowly rise to the surface. This is a well-known hazard avoided by locals, for the pockets of warm air can sink ships and even affect low-flying aircraft and grav vehicles.

W2. Pad 17, "best bio-weed around"

W3. Grey Void, a nutrient-poor zone. Pad farmers know better than to try farming here.

W4. Glacier Reach, a perilous ice floe

W5. The Mazre Snake, a surprisingly strong north-south current

W6. Akyon Abyss, an undersea canyon of unknown depth

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