A Reign Unmade

An ambassador who claimed to represent the “Benevolent Brotherhood of the Scarlet Sign,” resplendent in his red-hooded robe, stood before the court of Jeon II and demanded that the Sea Princes submit to his terms or be destroyed. When the assembled lords mocked him, the emissary presented a list of 30 nobles. All save three were dead by morning.
Soon red-sailed ships were unloading armies of savage soldier-thralls led by golden-mailed knights and a caste of pseudo-priestly “shepherds” in red robes. Some of the princedoms resisted the incursion, but within a fortnight, the vast majority of the Hold of the Sea Princes belonged to the Great and Hidden Empire of the Scarlet Brotherhood.
Yet rumours circulate that the Scarlet Brothers have not come to these shores for mere conquest, but rather for some more mystical purpose. Spies have reported that the Brotherhood has already unoerthed a handful of powerful artifacts from various ruins on the edges of the Hold.
With the land now firmly under their iron regime, who can possibly uncover the wicked scheme of the Scarlet Brotherhood and put a stop to it?

A Reign Unmade is a high-level D&D campaign set in the World of Greyhawk. Well, I call it a campaign, but really it’s a loosely-connected series of monthly games. Each session is a self-contained story, so you are free to drop in and out as your schedule allows.
And speaking of schedules, A Reign Unmade is hosted in Greenfield, Ohio, at 10 a.m. on the third Saturday of each month, beginning January 2014.
As far as rules go, we’ll use a simplified version of 4th edition D&D. Stats for all characters will be pre-made, so don’t worry about that part. Just add a name and some personality, and you’re good to go! You can even re-theme your character's powers to fit whatever concept you have in mind. Also, you can play the same character every month, if you like, or play a different one each time; it’s up to you.

Want to play? Participation is by invitation only, but I can’t invite you if I don’t know you, so drop me a line at ironregime@yahoo.com and tell me about yourself!

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