Crime and Punishment: an evocative one-page milieu for sci-fi storytelling

Troubled dreams haunt the desperate populace of a backwater world, while deep beneath a dark ocean lies an ancient secret, unknown and unknowable... but not undisturbed.

This page is an online resource for Crime and Punishment, an evocative one-page milieu for sci-fi storytelling and winner of Best Science Fiction entry in the 2011 One-Page Dungeon Contest. If I develop more supporting material over time, I will add it to this site, thus continuously increasing the value of the initial scenario.

The PDF document is system-neutral, but game statistics for Classic Traveller are provided on these web pages, and I may add support for other systems as well, if I have the time and interest.


    Shane Mangus said...

    Crime and Punishment was my top choice for "Best SciFi" in this year's 1PDC. I feel it is one of the strongest entries in this year's contest.

    ironregime said...

    Thanks, Shane!

    Udo Femi said...

    Hi there !
    I've been trying to reach you but found you email address nowhere...

    I'd like to use Crime and punishment to set up a Burning Empires RPG demo scenario and would require some feedback from you

    could you contact me at ?

    thx !